Gerry and his team have beautified our homes for decades. He is smart, reliable, hard-working; his work, meticulous and thoughtful. As a homeowner you will find Gerry on your side, meeting your needs and demands and you will be delighted with his degree of excellence in his work, consideration in his demeanor and all-around professional intelligence and integrity.

— Richard & Judy

About Kuebler Enterprises

Our History

As a young child Gerry Kuebler helped his father with his numerous woodworking projects and it was then that he discovered his true passion for ‘building’ things. He has worked in construction-related fields ever since he was 14-years-old, and that includes all phases of residential, commercial, and even the farming industry. After studying Construction Technologies in Vocational School and in College, Gerry spent over 6 years learning and working with various contractors and other trade experts in order to gain valuable real-world experience and expertise. His hard work, studying, and apprenticeships finally paid off and his dreams at last came true in 1989 when he decided to ‘hang his own shingle’ to create Kuebler Enterprises, LLC. It has been Gerry’s goal since the very first day to never have a dissatisfied customer and to do the finest work possible using only the finest materials and craftsmanship available; always focusing on the final product and the customer, not the profitability. Gerry has surrounded himself and his entire company with the best, the brightest, and the most talented craftsman covering all aspects of the trade to procure the finest possible product. It is this dedication to quality that has made Kuebler Enterprises the company that it is today.

How We Work

Since the very beginning, our company philosophy had been to do one project at a time, focusing full attention to the job and to our customer’s needs. To accomplish this, we’ve discovered that it is best to have dedicated, in-house craftsman and not to rely on outside work forces. With our work force on the job at all times, the project is never at a standstill and is always progressing. We have a very talented and dedicated staff that takes great pride in their work and the products that they produce. Every job we complete is a direct reflection of the fine craftsman that worked on the project.

Our Commitment and Promise to You

It has always been our promise to give you the finest end product possible, using the finest materials, craftsmanship, and technologies. We pride ourselves on quality, not quantity or cost. Our highly qualified craftsman will be on the job continuously from start to finish, ensuring the job moves in the most efficient way possible while paying close attention to all details. That is our promise and commitment to you.